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Monday, July 11

“ICT - The Achilles Heel of Commercial Construction”


William “Bill” L. Morgan, Jr, - CEO and Consulting Principal

Mr. Morgan is an Avistas Founding Principal, CEO and International Management Consultant with 22+ years of proven experience leading major business growth and transformation initiatives relating to secure Information and Communications Technology (ICT) deployments around the world.

Mr. Morgan is recognized for the ability to rapidly identify solutions, prioritize the critical path, then organize and lead innovative growth initiatives. He has proven success in advanced due diligence, business development, product development, marketing, strategic planning, operations and information communications & technologies.

He is a member of the Security Industry Association and has participated in many other international standards bodies with the development and harmonization of interoperable software security products. Mr. Morgan has made dozens of appearances on FOX, CBS and other nationally syndicated radio shows along with local TV affiliates as a cybersecurity expert addressing and commenting on current online threats ranging from clickjacking, identity theft and cyber bullying.

Mr. Morgan has presented at major technical conferences including ASIS regarding Security ROI, ISC Solutions on Leveraging the Power of the One-Card Solutions for Higher Education, and at DOJ's Annual Cybersecurity Conference on Managing Risk in a Dynamic Environment.

Mr. Morgan supports major Economic Development initiatives both domestic and international relating to intelligent “smart” cities, ICT operating companies and related cloud services (G2G, G2C, G2B, B2B, B2C, etc.). One of his most notable accomplishments included the original ICT master planning for the King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Morgan recently served as a Senior Technical Advisor on behalf of the World Bank to oversee the design, development, commissioning, staffing and operations of the Rwanda National Data Center (Tier IV architecture) and Internet Virtual Landing Point including the security of those technology assets and services housed within this significant Kigali facility. It currently operates, manages and protects over $380+ million USD of broadband technology assets supporting the East African Community's emerging cloud services markets.

Mr. Morgan received his Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering Technology from Texas A&M University.

For those who want a PDF copy of Bill's presentation slides, please contact Mark Dempsey at

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